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SKO Coin Card
  • 20-Jan-2024


Ram Mandir silver coin with Packaging

MRP : 1500/-    Offer : 1100/- 

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Celebrate your faith and own a piece of history with this stunning Ram Mandir 999 10-gram silver coin. Crafted from pure 999 silver, this coin is a beautiful tribute to the iconic Ram Janmabhoomi temple in Ayodhya.

Here's what makes this coin special:

  • Exquisite design: The coin features a detailed image of the Ram Mandir, showcasing its intricate architecture and grandeur. The image captures the essence of the temple, making it a true collector's item.
  • Pure 999 silver: Crafted from the highest quality silver, this coin boasts a brilliant shine and a timeless appeal. It's a valuable addition to any silver collection.
  • Limited edition: This coin may be part of a limited edition, making it even more desirable for collectors and devotees alike.
  • Accompanied by a packing card: The coin comes with a beautiful and informative packing card that provides details about the Ram Mandir and the significance of the coin.


This Coin is minted by SKO Coins and Packed by SKO Coin Card Pvt Ltd

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